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A Learning Adventure Focused on STEAM 360

empowering thinkers to become doers


Our steam programs prepare you for your professional future

Experience, Learn, Drive, Make Mistakes, Rethink, Discover... all with a steam & tech mindset




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nothing is impossible with the STEAM & Tech mindset

Technology in any field allows us to materialize dreams through various tools.

At Coded, we specialize in developing this mindset in the new generations, enabling them to be one step ahead, preparing today for the future.
Our focus is on developing skills in students who not only question, but also find practical and effective solutions to significant challenges in their field.


Teaching Methods

We have a key differentiation that consists of a series of steps that encompasses an unparalleled experience for the student.

Our 4-steps Learning Path guides the student into developing a comprehensive knowledge through:

Grupo 955

Guided Experts

Our learners will receive guidance from Tech Gurus, professionals from the most distinguished companies and top universities around the world.

Grupo 953

Live Workshops

Engage with live workshop experiences that brings real-world insights directly into the learning environment. 

Grupo 952

Project-Based Learning

Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning experiences, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical, real-world scenarios.

Grupo 954


Dive into coding through an interactive platform, providing a sneak peek into the exciting world of programming and technology.